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Reason 473 for not having Real ID

Because it’s this easy to fuck up.

A network administrator has locked up a multimillion dollar computer system for San Francisco that handles sensitive data and is refusing to give police the password, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Monday.

The employee, 43-year-old Terry Childs, was arrested Sunday. He gave some passwords to police, which did not work, and refused to reveal the real code, the paper reported.

The new FiberWAN (Wide Area Network) handles city payroll files, jail bookings, law enforcement documents and official e-mail for San Francisco. The network is functioning but administrators have little or no access.

My husband’s job is soon to be obsolete

Found this article via reason‘s hit&run. Apparently, TN LEOs think themselves doctors and their counterpart and are administering meds that most people have to give consent to have in a hospital setting.

…Metro police have had the option of calling for a needle loaded with a strong sedative to control the most unruly people they encounter on the street.

One of the doctors who came up with the protocol said it’s the safest option out there and that it is used all over the country.

But many people said that the injection was news to them, and a top medical ethicist said it’s a troubling precedent.

The drug is called Midazolam, which is better known as Versed. People who have had a colonoscopy have probably had a shot of the drug for the procedure.

“The drug has an amnesia effect, and we use that therapeutically because one of the nice ways to take care of the discomfort is to make people forget that they’ve had it,” said biomedical ethics and law enforcement expert Dr. Steven Miles….

Now, I’ve always been one to argue with my husband about the protection his field has been afforded, especially with regard to natural remedies and the like, but this is a breach that I can’t quite get over. You see, at least my husband was trained to know when a pharmacological sedative should be used and when it shouldn’t. My quibble today is that either a governing power has admitted that the training doesn’t require rigorous standard and testing or they’ve decided that their authority makes such training ridiculous on its face. And, it’s my opinion that the state shows its true color with either answer.

Sadly, for my marriage, either answer proves disastrous; either my husband is a god or a tool- I don’t bow to one and only use the other for hard labor.

A shock bracelet with your seat assignment

Raw Story has news footage discussing DHS interest in electronic bracelets for airline travel.

It was recently reported that the Department of Homeland Security has expressed interest in “safety bracelets” for air travelers that would include personal information and would not only track the wearer but also be capable of remotely delivering a taser-like shock.

I love to travel and have already curbed it some because of the dog and pony show called airport security. If this is ever implemented, I will not fly commercially at all.

In other words, you’re fucked

Here’s some dismal shit to wake to. Hope you’re not hungover- you might try to OD on a pain reliever. I’m not a doc but the Rx for this might just be a razor blade coated with cocaine.

Some humor from CSM: FSM knows that we’ll need some fun after that round of shit…

10. The White House trades in the presidential limo for a Toyota Prius.

9. You climb into your car, but then decide, “Shucks, it’s only five miles. I’ll walk.”

8. Home heating oil gets so expensive that Al Gore moves into a one-bath bungalow.

7. Your neighbor digs up his backyard to grow corn to make ethanol.

6. Food costs so much that news reports start talking about underweight Americans.

5. The president of ExxonMobil starts commuting to work on a Segway.

4. Your favorite “half-gallon” containers of ice cream shrink to 1.5 quarts. (Oops, that already happened!)

3. US taxi companies replace their cars with pedicabs.

2. Congress votes to pay itself in zlotys.

1. Service stations start selling gas by the pint.

Unlocked doors may save windows (if you’re responsible)

When I moved to Dallas from New Orleans, everybody used to flip that I’d leave my car unlocked. I always thought it smarter to keep my car somewhat empty of valuables and unlocked in order to save a window in the event of petty theft. You’re already violated when somebody decides to rob your effort instead of working for their own stuff; why add insult to injury?

I think we could make a comparison to immigration. Some *cough* libertarian *cough* people want to lock the door into the U.S. Some people, like me, wish to leave it open. The problem is that the people wanting to lock it up never think about taking the valuables out of the fucking car. They think they can leave the video camera and iPod on the seat and lock the doors to keep “bad” people out. What they fail to realize is that even “bad” people rarely break into cars that haven’t the lure of an easy payday.

If we, as a country, get rid of some of the entitlement programs and regulations that make even business as usual seem like entitlements to those who haven’t the inclination to pay attention, we could leave our door unlocked. But as long as we allow our government to tax, spend and haphazardly ridistribute the fruits of our efforts, there will be those who demand an expensive, top of the line shitty security system that does nothing but annoy the neighbors.

My perfectly tacky boot planter

The other people in my house think this is horrid but I fell in love with it at the garden store and even managed to get a slight discount on it.

Pack yer bags, it’s time to move

Here’s a secession move in the works:

The owner of a tiny island in off Scotland declared its independence from the United Kingdom on Saturday, saying he wanted the territory, population one, to be a crown dependency like the Channel Islands.

An island free of income tax, sales tax, and government tyrants? Sign me up already!