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Unlocked doors may save windows (if you’re responsible)

When I moved to Dallas from New Orleans, everybody used to flip that I’d leave my car unlocked. I always thought it smarter to keep my car somewhat empty of valuables and unlocked in order to save a window in the event of petty theft. You’re already violated when somebody decides to rob your effort instead of working for their own stuff; why add insult to injury?

I think we could make a comparison to immigration. Some *cough* libertarian *cough* people want to lock the door into the U.S. Some people, like me, wish to leave it open. The problem is that the people wanting to lock it up never think about taking the valuables out of the fucking car. They think they can leave the video camera and iPod on the seat and lock the doors to keep “bad” people out. What they fail to realize is that even “bad” people rarely break into cars that haven’t the lure of an easy payday.

If we, as a country, get rid of some of the entitlement programs and regulations that make even business as usual seem like entitlements to those who haven’t the inclination to pay attention, we could leave our door unlocked. But as long as we allow our government to tax, spend and haphazardly ridistribute the fruits of our efforts, there will be those who demand an expensive, top of the line shitty security system that does nothing but annoy the neighbors.


2 Responses

  1. Good analogy.

    I have to wonder if a lot of mexicans come here for the work, and not to mooch, though. Of course, if regulations such as the minimum wage were eliminated, they wouldn’t have an incentive.

  2. Removal of the minimum wage and other regulations meaning unemployment would drop, reducing the demand for foreign labor.

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