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Burning Porcupine Festival

This looks like it’ll be great fun:

Burning Porcupine Festival: July 14th-25th 2008
The 12 Days of Freedom
What happens in Grafton stays in Grafton
See Freestaters at their Wildest!

Anarchic campout in Free Town Grafton NH

There will be drinking, burning things, sitting around BSing, bands, toilets and showers in the woods, talking about the revolution, and of course a giant burning rodent. It’ll be one big party. Lloyd is going to do a naked fire dance. Tim Condon is going to prance in a gorilla suit to do: a circle of liberty, poetry reading, lead a Scrabble tournament, readings of patriotic documents, MC a magic show, a libertarian play. Wookie skydiving is on the schedule. There’s a possibility of warm-weather jello wrestling. Get your nails done by illegal nail buffers: an unlicensed Buff-In. Sumo-wrestling to settle any endless debates – noisemeter from the crowd to arbitrate. Shooting and golf – with extra points for shooting golf balls out of the air. Libertarian karaoke – full spray with firehose if you’re really bad – instead of the hook aka Gong Show. Logging competition. Burning Porcupine moving-making contest. Poker tournament with ounces of silver. Fireworks illegal in most states – IED exhibition. Burning President William. An FSP Roast – a few minutes for each freestater notable (submit your nominations for people to be roasted) – cardboard cutouts for roasting those in absentia. Live video from the event. Nightly UN flag burning.