Ditch the charade altogether

Could Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) be Obama’s running mate? He will certainly consider it.

Hagel’s vocal criticism of the Bush administration since the 2003 invasion of Iraq has touched off speculation that if Obama were to pick a Republican running mate, it might be Hagel. Hagel said in an interview with The Associated Press that after devoting much of his life to his country — in the Senate and the U.S. Army — he would have to consider any offer.

“If it would occur, I would have to think about it,” Hagel said. “I think anybody, anybody would have to consider it. Doesn’t mean you’d do it, doesn’t mean you’d accept it, could be too many gaps there, but you’d have to consider it, it’s the only thing you could do. Why wouldn’t you?”

Interesting stuff to be sure and I, for one, do think it’s time the Rs and Ds ditch the charade of party differences altogether and move toward the more apt beauty pageant coronation ceremonies better suited to the media crowning of prez. Look at the “success” the Libertarian Party is claiming by having republicans, Bob Barr and Wayne Allyn Root on the ballot what with all the media attention. Libertarians have long said that there ain’t a dime’s worth of difference between the major political parties and then, in Denver, we (well some) put all our dimes where our collective mouth was and proved ourselves right.*

One thought though on a Republican Obama running mate: He should hold out for the Republican Obama that Bobby Jindal (LA) represents. What a CHANGE! and UNITY! ticket that would be! Gotta love the jackasses that want you to think even less at the polls!

*The LP has long been the third largest political party in the United States and I was, until May, a member and office holder. With the nomination of Bob Barr, it became a third extension of an unholy not a dime’s worth of difference trinity.


4 Responses

  1. thats pretty fucked up

  2. That brainless smile makes that pic.

  3. Would the masses realize CFR Hagel is CFR McCain’s buddy in more ways than just party?
    The masses never realize, they only mindlessly follow…

    A good protest vote in ’08?

    He’s not perfect, but not CIA either…

  4. I’m the BEST protest vote. What other anarchist is running?

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