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From republican to libertarian to anarchist- a natural progression for the somewhat intelligent

I’ve long questioned man’s desire to control another through governmental coercion.  Right, left, up or down on the political spectrum matters for nothing as representatives on all sides attempt, albeit in different ways, to control their fellow men by theft and regulation.  For several years I associated with the Libertarian Party because I thought it might be a group working toward the dissolution of such coercion.  But, after watching some of my fellow party members be corrupted into becoming that which we were supposed to be fighting, I recognized that any person or group attempting to change the system from the inside will undoubtedly sell out to play the political game.  Nowhere was that more evident than the Libertarian Party national convention hosted in May in the fine city of Denver.

It was not without a little heartache that I concluded that political parties- even the LP- are the antithesis of a free heart and mind and I left.  Of course, I didn’t leave the many friends that I made over the years; I just left behind the silliness of ballot access fund raising drives and water board/ dog catcher electoral successes.

My time within the LP wasn’t wasted though.  I evolved to my present position because of those years of reading and study and today understand that the ideal world  would be one of free market anarchy.  Please don’t misunderstand me.  I fully recognize that some people would want some sort of governing and I support the right to that through a voluntary association.  But, it is a violation of my right to live in liberty if you force your form of government upon me and I just can’t live with that contradiction anymore.

So, here I am with a new blog.  I may still write from time to time at my old libertarian site because I do believe that libertarianism and anarchism are not incompatible.  (If you knew how many people to whom I explained anarchy after they researched the beginning of the LP…)  I hope you enjoy it here and visit often but it won’t be something I write my congressman over.


4 Responses

  1. I’ve been an anarchist since 2000.

    I might have left the LP long before now except for two things

    1) I became a life member in 2000 (a few months before becoming an anarchist)

    2) It’s a major client for work.

    Between those two things, I keep getting dragged back to try to make it better, and am continuously disappointed.

    I had a pretty evolved plan to concentrate my efforts in what I thought would be a more productive direction, but they fell through right after Denver.

    Those two more or less simultaneous disappointments had me in a pretty bad funk for a few weeks. I’m just now getting back to the point where I can even work.

  2. The funk is to be expected after such a disappointment, I think.

  3. Nice blog!

    I agree with others that libertarianism is simply a means to the anarchy end.

  4. I am not an anarchist, but I do believe that the LP is now part of the problem. I therefore don’t blame you for leaving. If I were an LP member, I’d have left as well. Luckily I already didn’t trust the LP enough to join, so I saved myself the trouble.

    Nobody can say I didn’t try to warn libertarians about Barr, though.

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